The London Perret Roche Group, LLC (LPR) is dedicated to unleashing breakthroughs in clients' business results, focusing on developing the behaviors, practices, and mindset that are essential to a culture of high performance and innovation. We help clients powerfully answer the question "Where do we REALLY want to take our business and by when?" Then we help create a BOLD future, not just the past extrapolated and improved. We support and guide clients in producing specific measurable step-change results consistent with that future. The result is a transformational change - a state change - that you can see happening from the earliest stages of our work.

Our approach engages the commitment, passion, knowledge, spirit and creativity of people, forming a uniquely collaborative and productive culture that focuses on: promises not excuses; outcomes not activities; solutions not obstacles; values being lived, not plaques on the walls.

Clients hire us to help them achieve a "vital goal" that seems impossible, but which is nonetheless essential...or even to identify and help them achieve what they might, in private call their "secret yearnings." For example:

  • Help a major consumer goods company integrate their largest acquisition. The result: all acquisition objectives met (financial and cultural), when previous acquisitions had failed by a large margin

  • Help a development team achieve breakthrough specifications for a new product, which six years of prior development had "proven" impossible. The result: within 4 months, breakthrough specifications exceeded. (More examples and case studies)


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