The following cases exemplify aspects of The London Perret Roche Group's (LPR's) work:

Creating an Innovative Bank

An innovative bank launched by a large old-line, conservative company, must define its core competitive advantage, and obtain approval for this design.

Integrating Culturally Opposite Companies

A large fast-moving consumer goods company needs to effectively integrate an acquired innovative and very successful smaller company and meet acquisition economics.

Inventing an Innovative Strategy

A large health care company wants to “invent” a new strategy for a 10 year old consumer product  - one that will provide a new competitive advantage.

Re-Invention of a Finance Group

A finance organization in a large corporation needs to “re-invent” itself.

High Leverage Breakthrough Project

Breakthrough Project in R & D

Merging Two Giants

Two large telephone companies are merging and need to rapidly integrate very different cultures, systems and processes.

CEO’s Guide to Working with LPR 

Written by a client to inform and prepare his new executive team to work with LPR.




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