A change beyond merely improving the performance of the past. Transformational change includes the way the organization perceives its relationships, its goals, its problems and opportunities, and the bandwidth of solutions it considers to deal with them – what we can call the “mindset” of the organization.  Transformational change alters and expands this “mindset”, so that more opportunities become available, and obstacles are more surmountable.

Some characteristics of a transformed organization:

    • Promise-based vs. good intentions framed as goals
    • Open and candid communication vs. secrets and lies in the guise of appropriateness
    • Surfaces and deals with conflicts vs. covers it up
    • Accountability and responsibility vs. “CYA” and “it’s not my fault”
    • Collaboration vs. solo to silo
    • Passionately inquisitive vs. “we know already”
    • Close relationships
    • Decision-making that creates a future vs. preserves the past.



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